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Really well developed game and with some great interface. The game is bit tricky and you cannot guess easily in it. Loved the app!


It's very nice I just feel that pages move to slow Like everything is in slow motion or something. PS. Very nice illustrations

Cut the music

Intriguing game but the music (sic) is too annoying to tolerate for more than a minute. Fake applause should also go.

Great game and my companion for long flights.

The concept is simple and interesting to play. Its a puzzle that you can play anywhere. The words are good and keep you engaged.

Can't always type

It's a fun concept, but often I am penalized for taking too long to solve a puzzle, not because I didn't know the answer, but because the letter selection is completely unresponsive. I'll be sitting there repeatedly tapping a letter sometimes upwards of 10x in a row before the game will register my selection and type it in. This pretty much makes the game unplayable.

A class design and super fun

Very simple but super interesting game.

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